Licensure Exam Training

We at ISM Edutech offer the best training programmes for aspiring medical graduates to crack various medical licensure exams such as the PLAB Test and the MRCP Examination.

1. PLAB Test Guide

What is a PLAB Test?

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) Test is an assessment exam for overseas doctors or international medical graduates to pass to be able to practice medicine in the UK legally.

Aspirants from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland are required to clear this test.

PLAB Test consists of two parts.
How Does ISM EDUTECH Help?

At ISM EDUTECH, we provide aspirants with mock test papers and revision tests to let them track their progress. All course content is designed for intensive study to help you pass the PLAB Test easily.

2. MRCP Examination Guide

What is an MRCP Examination?

MRCP Exam offers a globally recognised post-graduate medical qualification for doctors/physicians who wish to undergo higher specialist training with certified royal college consultants.

The MRCP Examination tests a candidate’s skills, knowledge and fitness to undergo specialized training. It involves three parts:

How Does ISM EDUTECH Help?

ISM EDUTECH UK provides the necessary study materials and mock tests for aspiring candidates. Our mentors are dedicated to guiding you to stay focused and cover all the specialities in the curriculum.


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