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Top Ranked & Well Recognized University

International Higher School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan is known for its world-class quality education in the medical field. International School of Medicine is ranked among the leading medical universities in Kyrgyzstan.

The medical degree provided is in accordance with the WHO guidelines and has the lowest and the most affordable International School of Medicine courses.

The international school of medicine is situated in a location with decent occupancy standards and a multicultural society. The international higher school of medicine staff ensures that every student with best in class hostel facilities and are provided with decent living standards.

Why choose IHSM?

An International Higher School of Medicine offer medical degree that is recognised all over the world and thisuniversity has been approved by WHO. IHSM is included in the list of top ranking universities when a candidate looks for the best medical universities in abroad. The admission process is hassle free and the university provides quality medical education to its students. The education is completely offered in English language which makes it a plus point for students looking for quality as well as affordable education.

Minimal Education Cost

Minimal Education Cost


Availability of English Language Programme


Globally Recognised Medical Degree


WHO Approved Academic Programmes


World-Class Infrastructure


Experienced Faculty

Student Life

Student Life at the IHSM is relatively healthy and exciting. The enrolled students are encouraged to experience diverse cultural, entertaining, sports, and organisational activities. The activities includes the museum visits and educational trips around the country. Students are offered with sports, theatres, libraries, and good internet connection facilities.

An extensive collection of books awaits the students. This endless collection includes the medical books on therapy, pediatrics, oncology, dermatology, gynaecology, histology, microbiology, pharmacology, and orthopaedics.



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